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Kaufmann 18

“Er muss halt auch amal a bissl brav sein, ja?” – Jonas Kaufmann at “Wir sind Kaiser”

This interview is from a feature shown on Austrian TV in December 2013. A friend of mine asked me for a transcript, and a translation, so I tried my very best. Enjoy! The original programme is still available in the mediathek of ORF as well: [x] … And here it is on YouTube: Emperor Robert … Continue reading


My issues with gay movies, or why mezzos are better than the rest

I found this quote the other day, and I would like to pick up on it: As someone who identifies as gay, I remember growing up and going to the bookstore and going to the gay and lesbian section and thinking to myself, “This is it. This is what we have. This one shelf. That’s … Continue reading

bostridge ansbach featured

Every nighte and alle – Ian Bostridge in Ansbach

The programme was something that just couldn’t be missed. Bostridge, Bach, and Britten? I couldn’t withstand this combination which caused me to organize a little trip to Ansbach.  (For most outside Germany, distances here seem ridiculous, but still, even a little trip is quite a fuss at times.) The Location St. Johannis is a church … Continue reading

John William Waterhouse, Sleep And His Half-Brother Death source: Wikicommons

“When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall”

Taking art songs as a basis, one must derive that cradling a baby is putting adults in a close to morbid state of mind. Schubert’s Wiegenlied, Britten’s cradle songs, folk-songs … they all seem to have a rather bitter edge to it. Only “Twinkle twinkle little star” shines a faint light into the chosen assortment of … Continue reading

love's sickness featured

Love’s sickness, or how to be a fan

I posted this post on a fan page first; now I decided to put it here instead. After all, it’s personal stuff, and most likely, of no huge particular interest for a fan base anyhow. One thing beforehand: I am no one who likes to judge others’ behaviour. I like to reflect however, and invite … Continue reading

fifth estate featured

Seeing is believing – The Fifth Estate

I just read the open letter by Julian Assange to Benedict Cumberbatch, concerning an invitation of the latter, which politely, Assange turned down. It spawned some hilarous reponses, like an open letter to Benedic Cumberbatch from Smaug, etc., on the web, but I can’t even laugh, as they are distracting from an important issue: Is … Continue reading

pj running man full res1

Farinelli – The Running Man

A lengthy introduction It took me long this time to pick a title. But yes, “The Running Man” it is. “The Running Man” is a novel by Stephen King, famously mise en scène with Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Who would have thought I would manage to connect Jaroussky and Schwarzenegger in one single blog note? Sometimes I … Continue reading


I don’t like cross-over. At all. But …

Sometimes, once in a while, it is bound to happen – something just happens to change your opinion. (This whole blog of mine most probably serves as a perfect example, just by the way.) Well, I don’t like cross-over, or so I thought. Actually, this would be an understatement in most cases. It is just … Continue reading

I’m back!

Well, sort of. However, there’s such a load of things I still wanted to write yet that by the time I’ll post things, they will be terribly outdated.  So instead of a quick review of some albums, or concerts, just file my rambles under “fond memories” — just as usual.

mai ling

“Mai Ling, hol amal die Zigaretten …” or why Gerhard Polt is always relevant

I feel a real urge to link a video today. It is a sketch done by Gerhard Polt, a German comedian and actor, and I remember it from my earliest childhood. Whenever it was broadcast or aired on radio, it used to be an institution.  Phrases from it have become “geflügelte Worte” — standard phrases to highlight … Continue reading


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