Male, single, non-smoker,…

Disclaimer: I am not Herman Melville, John Claggart, Billy Budd, and Edward Fairfax Vere are all his creations.

[Referring, of course to the Opera “Billy Budd”, by Benjamin Britten.]

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Spontaneous fit of RAPTURE…

Henry Purcell — Music For a While

A recording from “La Boîte à Musique”…

Countertenor: Philippe Jaroussky
Piano: Jean-François Zygel

This recording kept me in the unnatural state of happiness for two days in a row now already! I feel light-hearted, smile at people without a reason — which tends to irritate them, as it is contradicting my normal approach, apparently… I freakishly fell in love again with my all time favourite song of all times. What renewed my love is that recording.

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