One item I could get a fetishist about …

I only know of one item in which I have a serious interest in itself.

It is part of a costume, specifically one single huge black wing that Oberon is wearing in the stage production of  Purcell’s “Fairy Queen” of the Royal Opera House (Availlable on DVD, definitely worth the price).

For me, it sums up nicely how elves are, as I see them, when I roleplay — mean, dangerous, sexy, sleek and elegant.

Thomas Randle makes a wonderful elf, too 🙂

Below — some screenshots, one showing Puck cuddling under Oberon’s wing, the other ones showing Oberon taking delight in diversions of his own design.


4 thoughts on “One item I could get a fetishist about …

  1. I found your blog whilst looking for a photo of Tom Randle wearing afore mentioned wing! I have the costume (jacket and wing). The wing is on my wall looking quite magnificent! (I bought it at a costume sale at the ENO). It was a reminder of happy days working in the wig department on this fantastic production!

    • AHHH! You don’t say! I’m sorry that I just have seen your comment; I’ve been sick and involved in in total quite boring and time-consuming stuff of late. OH MY! I love this production, about everything about it. Where are you working now, if you don’t mind me asking?

      All the best to you, and many thanks for your comment – you really made my day 😉

      • Hi I’ve just come back to your blog whilst on the long journey to finding that photo of Tom Randle (Still searching!) I’m so glad that comment made your day – I was pretty excited to see your post too (at last someone would understand why I love that wing!) I’m no longer working at the opera – I had a change of careers and now work as a psychotherapist (not such a huge leap as you’d think if truth be told!) I remember my days at the ENO with great joy though, and wouldn’t have missed it for worlds!

      • Oh, sounds very interesting, and no, I don’t think it’s a great leap at all, and not only as in suggesting that some musicians might have a screw loose 😉 Thank you again for your comment, and please keep me updated on your quest!

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