Disturbing associations…

Referring to my last blog entry and “Oh Lord, whose mercies numberless”

I found the apparition of what I think, should depict Saul, at 03:30 extremely disturbing, in fact, it gave me a laughing fit.

Perhaps, I can share what exactly caused it, so others can join the fun …

Look closely at that picture:

Staatstheater Mainz, 2001, Jörg Waschinski

Any spontaneous associations?

Imagine a slightly more suffering look on Waschinski’s face (which can effortlessly be done when he has to endure this production a bit longer), and him putting his palms to the ground… he would make a lovely Kundry 🙂

Leif Roar, Eva Randova; Bayreuth

In any case, the guy sneaking behind David’s back with that rattan — er, spear — in hand distracted me from the aria.


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