A Handsome Opera Singer’s Plight…

[completely fictional, my deepest respect be hereby given to Simon Keenlyside, especially concerning his vocal performances, be they shirtless or not.]

K: “Okay. I got used to a few things during my career, I really din’t mind anymore.

Be it…

… having to play Don Giovannis that look like narrowly having escaped from a gay bar,…

… on the other hand, having to wear stupid costumes to conceal the last hint of my good looks, …

… or even being pictured in a light that gives a totally wrong idea of my preferences.

But now…

… THIS just takes the biscuit. I’m off. There’s something to be said for concert and oratorio repertoire, after all …”

*leaving, defiantly  humming “Why do the nations so furiously rage together…”


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