MTV Movie Awards and Post-Mortem-Hugs

And the winner is…

I wonder,… if there would be any contest in classical music that could vaguely compare to the MTV Movie Awards — who would win?

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It’s Wednesday, I’m In Love…

Alright, that Carlo Bergonzi rules in almost anything he chose to sing, is not particularly new to me.

Still, the recording of Caldara’s “Vaghe Luci” I found today takes this to a new level.

It is just perfect, but hear for yourselves:

Youtube video, audio only


Carlo Bergonzi



Vaghe luci è troppo crudo
il destino del mio core,
Che languendo al vostro ardore
dee la fiamma in sen celar.

Si tiranna è la mia sorte,
che soffrir dovrò la morte,
pria che al mio fatale amore
premio un dì possa sperar.

Beautiful eyes,
So cruel is the fate of my heart,
that languishing for your fire
it has to conceal its flame in my breast.

So cruel is my fate
that I will have to suffer death,
before I can hope to find
reward for my love one day.

Ihr schönen Augen,
So grausam ist das Geschick meines Herzens
Dass in Sehnsucht nach eurem Feuer
Seine Glut im Busen verbergen muss

So hart ist mein Los,
dass ich den Tod werde erleiden müssen
bevor ich für meine unselige Liebe
eines Tages Lohn erhoffen kann.

P.S.: I have to stop listening to it now, I take it too much to heart. ❤