Breeches Forever!

I have to admit, I am deeply fond of ladies singing breeches roles.

I thought of introducing a few of my favourites, perhaps  I will add a poll at the end…. 🙂

Round 1 — Breeches  Contest

G.F. Handel, Serse
Crude Furie degl’orridi abissi/Rise ye Furies from baleful abysses

Sarah Connolly:


Ann Murray:

For me, Ann Murray wins this round. Type-wise I favour Connolly, but the way Murray sings the da capo scores the point for her. No one can slide smoothly from screaming to the most brilliant coloratura the way she can.  The wonderful arpeggios as embellishment, topped by the rude “Come bespatter me!” at roughly 2:50 make me freak out!

I just caught myself drooling over Anne Murrays voice.

Crude furie degl’orridi abissi
aspergetemi d’atro veleno

Crolli il mondo, e ‘l sole s’eclissi
a quest’ira che spira il mio seno!”


Rise ye Furies from baleful abysses
Come bespatter me with your foul venom
Spray me with venom!

Heav’n is blackened
By fiercesome eclipses

Which proceed from the wrath in my bosom.

Original libretto by Nicolo Minato, revised by Silvio Stampiglia
English translation by Nicholas Hytner


2 thoughts on “Breeches Forever!

  1. For me, Ann Murray is simply the best. Whether a Schubert Lied or Händel arias – she beats them all. And she is a very, very nice person.

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