Early Childhood Influences…

My daughter, at the time aged 2 1/2, when given the cue, “Drama, please!”… too much Traviata, I assume.

Maria Callas, Traviata

Sometimes I wonder what conclusions my three-year-old daughter has reached about how the world functions in general. Of course, she can derive something from personal experience, too; but since most people are in a hurry and their behaviour tends to be rather stereotypical,  she will complete her own mental picture by other sources accessible to her. As I don’t watch TV at all, those will  be books, but even more — Opera, and some children’s series on youtube and DVD.

Sexual Orientation…

“Tired of hiding really… What do you mean, ‘a bad career move,…’ it’s not 1797, goddamit!”

Surely it lapses most people’s attention, but did you ever realize how few heterosexual pairings there are in children’s animated series? Bob and Wendy — of  “Bob the Builder” — even have seperated trailers to avoid the last hint of suspicion! Spongebob… well, hard to imagine, but he seems to be quite happy with his Patrick. Maybe they are only sharing brotherly hugs, who knows…

Kyle and Cartman sharing an experience of an erotic but unpleasant sort, in total.

Kyle And Cartman on Chat

“Io morrò, ma lieto in core…” Oh no, wrong picture, sorry.

“…non ti scordar!” … That was it!


She is convinced that the normal thing to do for a man is — to wield a sabre, of course!

Bravo Franco!

Franco Bonisolli, Trovatore

Philippe Jaroussky

Philippe Jaroussky, in Giulio Cesare

Agreed, not opera… but — I couldn’t resist!

Jason Isaacs, The Patriot


Bidu Sayão, Mimi

Bidu Sayão

The subject of women is more complicated. They roughly seperate into two groups for her, I guess. Group one: They make funny faces, sing mad scenes, and wear lewd dresses…

Nathalie Dessay

Nathalie Dessay, Lucia

Elina Garanca

Elina Garanca, Carmen

Maria Callas

Maria Callas, Medea

Anna Moffo

Anna Moffo, Thais

More frequently encountered though (when spending time around me) is …

Cecilia Bartoli

Group two: Obvious! The normal thing to do for a girl is — wear breeches and a sabre!

Cecilia Bartoli, Artaserse

Danielle De Niese

Danielle De Niese, Cleopatra

Vesselina Kasarova

Kasarova, Sesto

Sarah Connolly

Sarah Connolly, Admiral Lord Nelson 😉

Social interactions…

Gimenez, Corbelli, Cenerentola

Raúl Giménez, Alessandro Corbelli

Upon meeting each other, men mostly fight, or call each other “Carlos, mein Engel, mein Freund.” As I avoided her seeing Scarpia and Billy Budd, she must get the impression that men mostly are very very romantic towards women, and hug a lot. (Well sometimes the woman is half-dead, but still…)

Elina Garanca, Roberto Alagna

Elina Garanca, Roberto Alangna, Carmen

Simon Keenlyside, Jonas Kaufmann

Kaufmann, Keenlyside, Don Carlo


I assume my daughter will be perhaps the slightest bit disappointed when she will go to kindergarten in two weeks’ time…


2 thoughts on “Early Childhood Influences…

  1. Hahaha.. your daughter will be happy in the kindergarden, maybe she can even infect other kids with the same ideas, who knows… The problem will be when she grow up… but I do not want to look too far forward.

    R: Thank you to put me into the list too.

  2. A: What are you doing there exactly? My writer refuses to show me, because she says the movie — whatever that is — got Mel Gibson in it and she wasn’t *that* perv…

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