MTV Movie Awards and Post-Mortem-Hugs

And the winner is…

I wonder,… if there would be any contest in classical music that could vaguely compare to the MTV Movie Awards — who would win?

The current categories — if Wikipedia is correct on that — would be

  • Best Movie
  • Best Performance (usually separated into Male and Female categories)
  • Best Breakthrough Performance (sometimes separated into Male and Female categories)
  • Best Villain
  • Best Comedic Performance
  • Best Kiss
  • Best Fight
  • Best WTF Moment
  • Best Scared-As-S**t Performance
  • Biggest Badass Star
  • Global Superstar

I will let you think about this, and wanted to start …. with the category “Best Kiss.”

Well, in opera, this would mostly have to be rephrased into “the least outrageously faked kiss”, or “the kiss that looked the most vaguely convincing and not like someone trying to shove their tongue into the other’s  mouth without former consent”.

So , it is …

“The Worst Kisses And Hugs”

… instead.

My current favourites:

Philippe Jaroussky, perhaps thinking of his paycheck; but then, I can be wrong…

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, not completely convinced

There is another thing peculiar to Opera — far more common there than in plays or movies, e.g. — for which it would be necessary to add yet another category. This would be…

“Best Post-Mortem Hug”

In Opera, people don’t “just” die. They sing while dying, turning their decease into an altogether pleasurable and tear-jerking experience for the audience.

My personal favourites there: Edgardo (Lucia di Lammermoor, stabbed), Gilda (Rigoletto, stabbed), and Posa (Don Carlo, shot).

Another specifically operatic thing is  — sometimes people aren’t just respectfully put down after they finally died, as mostly the death causes disinterest of the bystanders (Lucia), calls for action (Carlos) or evokes a nervous breakdown (Rigoletto).

At times, alas, if surrounded by loving persons, people are hugged a lot, even after their mostly untimely end. My current favourites in this category are:

Philip Langridge (Billy Budd)

Janet Baker (Orpheo ed Euridice)

Neil Shicoff (Peter Grimes) — perv, but great.

More to come 🙂


11 thoughts on “MTV Movie Awards and Post-Mortem-Hugs

    • oooh, the one topic i didn’t at least link a youtube video… will do so perhaps, but hard to find exactly the right scraps on youtube 🙂 Thanks for your comment 😀

  1. I hear a lot about Janet Baker from my Brit friends. I wish they stopped and looked at their current mezzos… But noooo… “No other like Kathleen Ferrier”, “Janet Baker was unique…” Equivalent of Callas-mania, I suppose. Best career move for an opera star (or an indie rocker) is death.

    • Hehe, no…. ❤ Connolly!!! But Baker's voice is also great for Orpheus/Caesar.
      And – easy to tell from my crude use of English Grammer, I am no Brit ^^
      I'm having frequent discussions with an opera lover who tends to overrate singers, imho, just because they happen to have died already.

  2. I should be sleeping, but I can’t — just back from a performance of Aida that crushed the hell out of me (in the good way). So I thought I’d add something to this old thread.

    Under the normal and all other circumstance, I worship Anne Sofie von Otter. But this must be the most hilarious ‘Wird Sie das Mannsbild da heiraten’ on YouTube: a giantess cuddling a child. Spark = zero. Mirth = aplenty:

  3. Actually — I can almost never tell, I tend to miss spectacular kisses, I fear. Only after watching “La Cenerentola” (with half an eye…) with my daughter for the thirtiest time or something I realized that Ramiro and Cenerentola actually kiss — I never looked during the final aria as I find Bartoli’s facial aerobics highly distracting.
    But yes, Dessay and von Otter make a strange couple, it seems a bit antiseptic, and von Otter doesn’t for one second grant the illusion of a boy.
    For inspiration, a random finding…
    Hetalia, pRussia, by nanjokoj, deviantart

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