Separated At Birth

I just discovered,…  the wonderful Netta Or and Sophie Dahl might as well be separated at birth.

I have actually seen La Or in a production of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf  —  I think it was Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo.  She had a very minor role, but she was gorgeous, even back then. I forgot even which opera it was in the meantime, but I will never forget the impression her voice made on me.


Jaroussky — leaving home at 18, together with Madame Raymonde… Who would have thought?

I just found a lovely unusual duet, featuring Philippe Jaroussky, and Madame Raymonde — of  whom I hadn’t heard of up to now. And I have to admit — I missed something! They are great together.

My French is lacking,  maybe one of you who is more at home with French could help me and please tell me the actual words they are singing.

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Hetalia, and Roleplay

I just took a delightful quiz: “Which Hetalia Character Are You?”

As it would be boring to fill it in for myself, I took the quiz for my roleplay-character, Alan, instead.
But first, the results for R., a friend’s rp-char without whom my Alan would never be the same.  (Results by courteous permission of R.’s)

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