Hetalia, and Roleplay

I just took a delightful quiz: “Which Hetalia Character Are You?”


As it would be boring to fill it in for myself, I took the quiz for my roleplay-character, Alan, instead.
But first, the results for R., a friend’s rp-char without whom my Alan would never be the same.  (Results by courteous permission of R.’s)


R: Russia
R: … hmm.. then France
R: very close..
R: should be Italy.. no?
R: it’s the last one…
R: wow.

Despite having the cruelty of a child, Russia is the tallest of all the nations. He adores vodka and sunflowers. His primary hate is “General Winter”, despite using the cold to his advantage in war. Russia has a kind and gentle face, but has mentally cracked from the strain of his bloody history. The other nations are mortified by him, particularly Lithuania, whom he loves to both physically and and emotionally abuse. Occasionally, he stalks others while in a panda costume. Russia promises that eventually “everyone will become one with Russia”. He also frequently says “KolKolKolKol” to nations he is threatening. Russia is almost always seen carrying a section of pipe. He is classified as a yandere character.

So now… Alan

A bright and energetic nation that progressed from being the kin of Roma Antiqua, widely recognized as the strongest nation in the world, to being clumsy and irresponsible. Personified as being carefree, cowardly and lackadaisical (noted by his collection of white flags he uses to surrender), he often depends on Germany to resolve issues. Nods to Italian culture include his artistry and recurrent portrayal of pasta and pizza. He has an older brother, who represents southern Italy and who is commonly known as Italia-Romano.

A: I am NOT a coward at all times. Clumsy… neither. At least I hope not… I could get used to pasta though. I don’t have a brother, not that I know of.  Fine with me, too, not into brothers-slash at all.

According to a different quiz though …

A: curious…

Alan is supposed to be…


A beautiful island floating in the Indian Ocean that is often called “The Last Paradise”.

A: *facepalm

She’s a southern country girl with the characteristics of light brown skin, black hair and red ribbons, and a personality of a maybe-too-big heart and a little bit of sloppiness.

A: I would never wear red ribbons…

She’s achieved 0% self sufficiency with food, and often laments over her high cost of living, but she’s visited by France and England a lot so she’s still living pretty carefree.

A: At night? or what… I mean, I noticed Russia paying me…  diplomatic visits, since recently.

She speaks a mysterious language that has French, English and various other languages mixed in together.

A: … Only in very specific circumstances, and, I mean,…  you aren’t even supposed to listen then, WRITER!


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