The Ecstasy of Saint Philippe

I always found that sometimes Philippe Jaroussky’s facial expression when singing certain phrases resembles a lot the face of Bernini’s St. Therese.

For the ones not familiar with the host of Catholic Saints, she was a woman who was blessed with … er… visions… of an angel coming to her, piercing her with a… *cough…  quoting: “long spear of gold.”

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Separated At Birth II — David Bostridge!

I finally remembered why this certain picture of Bostridge disturbed me. Deeply buried in my mommy brain I hit on the hidden link again.

(David Bowie, from “The Man Who Fell To Earth” /Ian Bostridge, promo picture)

Now I am toying with the idea of letting sing Vere “We can be heroes”… maybe as a duet with Billy? 😀