John Claggart forced into OOC-ness

I am fully aware I am maybe not an ideal mum — even my attempts to do stuff “normal” people do tend to end up futile — my kinkiness just shows.

When I am uninspired for anything, I like to crochet. My last project was — the main characters from Billy Budd.

Captain Fairfax Vere — Billy Budd — John Claggart, Master-at-Arms

I am not quite happy yet with Vere’s hair (sinfully expensive, warm and soft shetland wool, like Billy’s breeches. I just thought Billy deserved it — He will freeze his ** off otherwise in this endless mist!)

Spontaneously my daughter decided Billy and Claggart to be her favourites. But now the scandalous bit… They are forced to share a bed with a … WOMAN. I mean… This disturbs me a little.


But however, Claggart doesn’t seem to mind really. At any rate he seems to be a lot happier now than… There:


4 thoughts on “John Claggart forced into OOC-ness

  1. 😀
    yea… and the others… 01.a.m. upon the… not Indomitable… way before the first bell.

    John Claggart: *slowly waking up … *where am I? *noticing the slight sway of the cradle …must be a tiny floating fragment of earth or the other, what do I care… *slowly adjusting eyes to the almost-dark, barely lit by a flatscreen monitor and nothing else. Seeing some… mess of blonde hair straight before him … and a lovely shoulder. Giving a heartfelt kiss, earns him an annoyed “eek?” from Nele (the doll’s name.)
    Nele: “Who do you think you are?”
    JC: “…at least noone can charge me with disaffection… “*trying to get back to sleep.

    ***not quite silence following. vague typing sound… and something else…
    JC: *slightly annoyed: “Can the two of you stop making out, PLEASE?”
    BB: *muffled “hmm?” from between Nele’s breasts.
    JC: *eyesroll.
    Nele: *hissing back — “Only if you finally stop to w** over there, for Christ’s sake!”
    JC: *I will destroy you… *clutching scarf.

    … and hmm Vere in the meantime? Depressive monologues ensuing I’d say.

  2. Vere will not sleep and try to convert “Ella giammai” to tenor (fail)

    But poor Claggart on the video… he needs a hug, the director a good kick… and someone just kill Skovhus! He’s nowhere near the level of Halfvarson and Shicoff.

    • I just re-read this, rummaging in my old stuff… and… ❤ I still don't like how he crawls around the floor like a Kundry, so I agree with a bitch-slap for the director. Why I wouldn't hit him, though, is because that pose of Claggart standing over the sleeping sailors is so awesome. Are there by the way pictures of this production which one could buy? If you have any news on that, I'd be glad to know.

      And, long time no see — I hope all is going well. 😉

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