Pwned hard…

Let alone all musical issues, as for myself, Lady Gaga’s… — well… is it currently music? I suppose it is, as much as Starbucks products are referred to as coffee, or Lindsay Lohan counts as woman…  So, let alone all that, Mr. PJ also effortlessly gets the better of Gaga in casually wearing kinky assesories.

Proof is attached.

Be it…



or the sublime pinnacle of kinkiness — black feather outfits…

Admittedly, she scores one point though, concerning a veil. Maybe Mr. PJ should reconsider his choice of colours next time.

However, this is more than made up for by his posing skills , succeeding even in the other person looking like they are actually enjoying themselves, and not wearing a facial expression like, “Yeah, my paycheck will be awesome this month”.

So, my resumée is…


24 thoughts on “Pwned hard…

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask you… How does he declare his sexual orientation — and does he at all? I’ve been thinking about whether I know any European out singers, and I couldn’t think of any, either male or female.

    And just four women in North American that I know of.

  2. I think whoever sings Carmen as an encore, and chooses to sing duets with transvestites can be considered as out.
    Actually, I don’t know, and though I find him very sexy indeed, I never fantasize about which persons he may or may not make out with in real life. He may be bi too, yet just by instinct I’d say he is gay.
    Maybe it is his way of making a point to consider it as normal and not as a subject that needs to be stressed. No one stresses the fact they are heterosexual either if that be the case.
    I never got it how people could find anything wrong in same-sex relationships, even when I was a child in a very conservative surrounding at times.
    Actually, I like men, and more if they come in couples even. Heterosexual lovestories completely fail to turn me on, and I cannot remember a time when this was different.
    Let alone this personal preference, I am so sick and tired of prejudices gays and lesbians have to face. In my youth I tried to be more of a missionary, now I just sort people out if they are stubbornly prejudiced and immature. c.b.a. — maybe Mr. Jaroussky feels the same^^

  3. I just remembered, some long time ago back when I created it, I even flagged this blog as “mature” … a good-night pic for you <3.. well, good night for me surely, it is 3:30 a.m. here, getting up at seven…. *yawn


  4. Great! I have to admit that I like one or two of Lady Gaga songs (though not sure If I can call them songs … ). Anyway PJ pwned her thoused, what do I say? a million times 😀 Go on PJ WE ARE WITH YOU!!!
    btw… nice good night pic 😛

  5. Oh, and, I don’t know about any out opera singers… I suppose Michael Chance is gay? I have no idea? He might be straight? I will do a bit of background studies and keep you updated 🙂

  6. belated annotation: My instinct for once didn’t fail me, Mr. Jaroussky is indeed gay, just as a note, and because you asked.

    There was a charming small interview with him on the German “Siegessäule” (famous spot in Berlin, literally translates to “pillar of victory,” which is of course hilariosly ambiguous in itself, hence the title of the magazine.)

    If you want to read, here it is. I will translate it later ❤

  7. I would never dare to express it that way, at least in public, but you have a point there 😉
    In German there’s a saying, “Einen schönen Menschen entstellt nichts,” which vaguely translates to: “Nothing can disfigure a handsome person.” 😛

    • Fuck political correctness! Let’s be truthful to our heart, whether in public or in private. No matter how others assert that the countertenor voice has nothing to do with gender bending(talk about overcompensation…), to me, it’s homoerotic, and perhaps more than that, and that’s its unique appeal. Deny that and you miss everything.
      PJ is the hottest, to whom no man or woman can ever compare! Besides, I love everything that he sings other than Baroque…

      • I strongly doubt he would feel insulted if we lined up and told him he’s damn hot, too. 😀 I mean, who would? Though I perhaps wouldn’t pick the word “slut” — Let’s rummage in our brains for a better one…
        You are right, of course, but it is more complex than that yet. Jaroussky said once something like, countertenors were just like big boys really, and also that the voice more resembles a boy than it does a woman’s.
        Yet, it has both aspects, of course, but wil rant that seperately … instead of writing an epic comment reply 😉
        To cut it short — you’re right. It is not true you have to be gay to be a countertenor, though many are, in fact. Still, if you don’t enjoy ambivalence, it is not the right Fach to pick 😉

        Interesting that you don’t so much like his Baroque performances — Also amongst my own favourites is definitely the “A Chloris” which was one of my favourite songs for long already anyway.
        Personally — I would wish him to sing “Morgen” by Richard Strauß, and my life would be fulfilled 😉

  8. Aw.. come on … hehe. Yes, I understood it as a compliment, of course I did, I was just kind of reluctant, as I have been harshly criticised recently concerning my innocent Jaroussky gif, for instance.
    YES HE IS! In fact he’s not only a sexy slut, he’s TEH SEXY SLUT! *o my, emotional outbreak, at 3 a.m.

    He’s …

  9. Bleh.. haha…. actually another taking-girl-to-kindergarten-day hoping she will be fully healthy again, and a trying-to do-too-many-things-in-too-little-time-day as with prussian stubbornness I somehow turn every passtime into a full-time job.
    Going to bed.. *sniff.. and still.. wanted to draw a bit more… and …answer a rp thread where it’s my turn… and… *snore

  10. As for music tastes, maybe I should put it this way. I love his French melodies and the other songs he occasionally chooses to sing for their own sake. But I only listen to Baroque because it’s Jaroussky who sings it. Actually I like his Baroque performances, especially when he sings, his facial expression looks like…yeah…it’s hot…

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