Paulo Flynn — The Ongoing Search For Lost Twin Brothers

Today, I came across this picture of Paulo Szot and finally I could remember where I had seen the face before. Well, not exactly the face, but very close. Proof is attached.

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A Few Of My Favourite… Sounds

I guess you all know the song “A few of my favourite things.” There are some people who have kind of an oral fixation, or one concerning smells — agreed, how we react to smells and tastes is so deeply buried in our subconscious that we cannot ever control it. Yet, I have more than a slight addiction to sounds. Sounds that allure me, sounds that tease me, sounds that go on my nerves beyond what is bearable.

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Lovers Of Classical Music — Application denied.

Sometimes, I have to admit, I prided myself to belong to a fringe group whose members are said to possess outstanding qualities and social skills: Empathy, taste, concern, supportiveness, sensitivity, just to name a few. The margin group I am talking about here is — of course — that of the

To be able to be admitted into the rows of this illustrious group of aesthetes, you have to fulfill various criteria I narrowly match, or so I thought up until recently.

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Things can only get better…

The new year hasn’t really quite started yet, and already it seems to have the same stale flavour to it as the last.  I am not that young, and I thought that maybe with age, I could handle some things in a less emotional way. However, it seems to not be the case. It still makes me downright furious when friends of mine, as well as others have to cope with judgemental, biased, and prejudiced persons.

To narrow the subject in, I am talking about my gay and lesbian friends here. I really hoped, twenty years ago, that people would change — alas, they didn’t.

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