What is it that this guy and Philippe Jaroussky have in common?

The answer is quite simple, really. Mitch Hewer, as well as Philippe Jaroussky, tend to be asked annoying, intrusive questions about their private lives. But not enough with that: They were both asked the question, more or less word-for-word:

“You seem to have a large gay fan base — Do you have any idea why?”

I find this extremely strange; if someone is allegedly straight or not — What answer do people expect?

Imagine the inversion:

I never understood which answer this question is designed to yield. Is it one of the following options?

  • “Yes I know, and they’re all so huggable!”
  • “Yes I know, but, *flexing muscles under shirt in a distinct way just passing as nonchalant* you know, I have no idea really… “
  • “You don’t say! I never noticed… ” *submissive girlish giggle

In Mitch Hewer’s case,  he gave the answer:

Pink Paper: Du scheinst eine ziemlich große schwule Fangemeinde zu haben. Was denkst Du woran das liegt?
Mitch Hewer: Ich weiß es wirklich nicht, aber ich fühle mich geschmeichelt. Ich kann es einfach nicht erklären. Ich bin ein ganz normaler Typ der ein paar coole Rollen spielen durfte.

Pink Paper: You seem to have quite a large gay fan base. Why is that, what do you think?
Mitch Hewer: I really don’t know, but I feel flattered. I simply cannot explain. I’m just a normal guy who was allowed to act in some cool roles.

He actually should be given some award for being the most outrageous liar in one of the most charming of ways.

Mitch?… Okay. No Mitch available, so I’m asking the audience:




No idea.

Interview with Mitch hewer, but German:

Mitch Hewer, shirt on, auditioning for “Glee,” where he unfortunately wasn’t cast.


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