Blame it on the south wind

If the wind was blowing from the south when you were conceived — in case you are a woman, a “misbegotten male” — it is to blame for your gender! You didn’t know? The man who said so was canonized, so, it must be true. I am referring to Thomas Aquinas, 1225 – 1274, one of the founders of the church and theology as it exists now.

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F*ck Yeah!

After discovering that twitter on the whole is just not my thing — though it can be a fount of joy to follow Stephen Fry’s tweets, e.g. — I decided to try tumblrLiveJournal would be great, if it actually worked the way it is meant to be. It is awfully hard to find any people sharing one’s interests there, unless over google search. For me, the much-appraised “community” is close to non-existent, apart from a few dear friends I all encountered elsewhere, with only one exception.

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Des Glückes stummes Schweigen

There are always reasons to keep on living. Some things you wish to see yet — you hope for them to come true during your life-time, feeling your life would be fulfilled if you’d live to see them happening.

For me, this would definitely be a wish-list of songs and arias for Mr. Jaroussky to sing becoming recorded reality. I would be content then.

The first on my list would be, “Morgen!” by Richard Strauss.

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