F*ck Yeah!

After discovering that twitter on the whole is just not my thing — though it can be a fount of joy to follow Stephen Fry’s tweets, e.g. — I decided to try tumblrLiveJournal would be great, if it actually worked the way it is meant to be. It is awfully hard to find any people sharing one’s interests there, unless over google search. For me, the much-appraised “community” is close to non-existent, apart from a few dear friends I all encountered elsewhere, with only one exception.

So, tumblr… Hmmm. I have no idea how it is really going to work, but I am dedicated to find out 😉

Please enjoy, and visit: …


Oh, considering the slightly trashy title of the page — In tumblr every site dedicated to an artist, or subject whom or which people have strong feelings about is labelled “F*ck Yeah xxx”.  So I was just complying to the syntax to keep it intuitive.

And, oh heck, well, yeah! F*ck Yeah, Jaroussky! hehe.


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