Alas, little upside-down cake…

I somehow feel the poem that goes by the name…

… as featured in the legendary Disney movie from 1941 The Reluctant Dragon, has been neglected in musical history, concerning its potential as a libretto for an aria.

So, hereby I’m announcing a little…


Write an aria!

Rules for submissions:
Time limit: One month from now, which is up until the 24th of May 2011.
Submissions must be in recorded or written form as sheet music (figured bass or chords and voice or similar will do) and linked to in the comment thread to this post.
The poem must be featured either in its original English version or any translation you can think of.

The winners will be determined by vote; I will make a poll. Whoever makes an entry is allowed to vote.

Price: As all my wares are trash, all I can spontaneously come up with for a price is: I will read any up to 10 pages of fiction or non-fiction for you —  in whichever manner you desire — and record it for you. (In languages vaguely known to me please… )

The libretto:

Sweet little upside-down cake
Cares and woes, you’ve got’em
Poor little upside-down cake
Your top is on your bottom

Alas, little upside-down cake
Your troubles never stop
Because, little upside-down cake
Your bottom’s on your top.

Italian translation: (Many thanks to Biri <3)

Dolce, piccola torta sottosopra,
preoccupazioni e dolori, ne hai avuti.
Oh piccola torta sottosopra,
la tua testa è in giú.

Alla fine, piccola torta sottosopra,
i tuoi problemi non smettono mai,
perchè, piccola torta sottosopra,
… il tuo fondo è in su.

(If you happen to know the artist of the image I used for the header, please tell me and I’ll give credits.)


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