Ten Tenors Dying…

What lightened up my mood today was this CD I saw on Amazon while looking for versions of Rienzi’s prayer. The compilation is by RCA and is called “Ten tenors in prayer.”

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Music, joy of man’s desiring

Some are convinced that the average musician is a bit single-minded on what they are doing, and that they are lacking other skills. Some might be, but I know quite a few who are great in other fields as well, especially science.

For me, this comes as no big surprise; after all music has got a great deal to do with maths.

I would even go as far as to say: Musicians make the best nerds.

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Quiet kisses…

I thought, today, I would just continue with my wish-list for Mr. Jaroussky — Songs and arias that if he sung them, would render my life fulfilled.

In fact, the next on my mind would be two pieces, which are somehow connected for me. The first being:

Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5
Aria I – Cantilela
Heitor Villa-Lobos

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