One ring to rule them all….

Is there a perfect “Ring”? The way it was staged by Chereau will always be my favourite I guess, but I literally grew up with it, so I’m perhaps lacking the distance to really be able to judge it. Still, I’m always ready for a new “Ring” with a different approach.

To look for the perfect Ring is maybe of as little avail as to look for the one ring, and if it’s only for the simple reason that the world is lacking an Astrid Varnay.

This one which has recently been released seems very nice, even though the way it is set to scene already turns me off — costumes like the valkyries wear them are evoking pictures in my head of Lady Gaga and Madonna shaking spears.  But then, I like to see Kaufmann and the others acting, so I guess I’ll have to live with it.

Oh, on nagging about casts… Ever since I have seen this picture of Kaufmann I am convinced he would have made the perfect Frodo. Maybe even with hairy feet! Not only that — but I think the Lord of the Rings should be an opera.

Saruman could stay — Christopher Lee of course.

The world’s kingdom
that one can encompass
who from the Rhinegold
shapeth the Ring,
which measureless might can secure.

(Der Welt Erbe
gewänne zu eigen,
wer aus dem Rheingold
schüfe den Ring,
der maßlose Macht ihm verlieh’)

Wellgunde (quoting Wotan)

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them

Gandalf (quoting Sauron)


2 thoughts on “One ring to rule them all….

  1. Hiya Lankin,
    Man, if only La Varnay is still available to sing Bruennhilde these days I’d fly anywhere at the drop of the hat to hear her. I can’t get that Keilberth Goetterdaemmerung CD set with her Bruennhilde off the stereo, and I’m not even a Wagnerian!

    Now I guess I’ll have to spend the weekend imagining Merry, Pippin and Sam singing the Rhein maiden and norns…. Ewwwww! ;D

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