Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

As by now tragic endings to movies are rare, I suggest happy endings for operas — or, at least, a post-mortem reconciliation to maybe render them more popular.

It’s not so hard, is it? Just say sorry, will you…

Billy Budd
Cpt. Vere (Billy Budd)
Claggart (Billy Budd)
The Duke of Mantova (Rigoletto)
Gilda (Rigoletto)
Spararfucile (Rigoletto)

9 thoughts on “Sorry seems to be the hardest word…

  1. “I did throw my own baby in the fire. But I brought you up just so I can fix for you to be gone at the drammatically opportune moment. It’s my thing. It’s what gets me movin’ and shakin’. Yours, Mom”

    “Do I regret spraying your violets with poison? Frankly? I don’t know, frankly. I may or I may not, such are the vagaries of life. Principessa.”

  2. “Whoops. I guess that gives another, female-centric meaning to the term ‘giving a head’. Salome.”

    “Yes, but you see, it’s just so I can finally kiss you. All’s fair in kissing and war. Salome.”

    “Non, je ne regrette rien. Salome.”

    • Nah, I mean it’s Jokanaan who gives head, if at all, and he doesn’t exactly render it freely, which adds …. well whatever. My mind is straaaaange…

  3. Hahahahaha well I’m kind of sleep-depraved atm, more than usual even, so I didn’t manage coherent sentences.
    Yours is lovely!
    Wagner would be a thing too.

    “The only one I’m sorry for here by now is my horse.” — Brünnhilde
    “No. Apologies.” — Hagen

  4. My daughter was poking my side with her toe all night and today I had a lot of beaurocracy (which i can never spell in English) to tend to — resulting in pulling an un-intentional all-nighter in a not entertaining way.

    Well, I’m honored to join the sorry-ass club. 😉

  5. And after the restless night, I also did some bureaucracy: I submitted the Census 2011 online, and then I agreed to fill in the voluntary National Household Survey and that took for effing evah. I went from one cyber-room to another in endless sequence…

    Geez louise. Whatever we do, there we are.

    I like the beaurocracy spelling.

  6. Oh bleh, I’ve been picked for some census as well. The letter and the form have this very no-nonsese awkwardness about them. I’m deliberately procrastinating it… And my daughter has this “look mommy I’m a princess!”-phase, and wears a dress on top of her other clothes every day which she refuses to take off (Maybe I’ll manage to wash it tonight when she is asleep.) I have been already quoting Frederick the Great to her, stating that “a crown is the only hat that it rains into,” *) … but she isn’t impressed. *sigh… Real Life.

    [How to translate that? “Eine Krone ist der einzige Hut, in den es hineinregnet.”]

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