Music, joy of man’s desiring

Some are convinced that the average musician is a bit single-minded on what they are doing, and that they are lacking other skills. Some might be, but I know quite a few who are great in other fields as well, especially science.

For me, this comes as no big surprise; after all music has got a great deal to do with maths.

I would even go as far as to say: Musicians make the best nerds.

Oh, in case you didn’t recognize the piece, it’s called “Jesus, joy of man’s desiring,” (Jesus bleibet meine Freude), by Johann Sebastian Bach, who is immortal not only for his Wohltemperierte Klavier and his Musical Offering, which both show his approach on music that was systematic to the max. Needless to say that at the same time he was able to transport emotions with music like hardly anyone else before or after.

My favourite version of “Jesus, joy of man’s desiring” at the moment is by Sissel Kyrkjebø — Not to say that it is “better” than Harnoncourt’s, etc,… It just gives me more joy.


One thought on “Music, joy of man’s desiring

  1. Thank you for this introduction to the voice of Sissel Kyrkjebø – an extraordinary version indeed and beautifully mixed. I will watch out for this singer from now on.
    I wish my skills extended to math and science as well!

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