Ten Tenors Dying…

What lightened up my mood today was this CD I saw on Amazon while looking for versions of Rienzi’s prayer. The compilation is by RCA and is called “Ten tenors in prayer.”

The track list is as follows:

1. Ave Maria – Placido Domingo
2. Herodiade: Adieu Donc, Vains Objets – Ben Heppner
3. Ave Maria – Enrico Caruso
4. A Plea To God – Jan Peerce
5. Stabat Mater: Cujus Animam – Luciano Pavarotti
6. Die Allmachi – Jussi Bjoerling
7. Panis Angelicus – Domingo
8. Ave Maria – John McCormack
9. Ave Maria – John McCormack
10. Eili, Eili – Jan Peerce
11. Requiem: Ingemisco – Enrico Caruso
12. Sigismondo: Misero Me! Mi Sento Tutto Gelar; Giusto Ciel! – Jerry Hadley
13. Le Cid: Ah! Tout Est Bien Fini!; O Souverain, O Juge, O Pere – Placido Domingo
14. Rienzi: Allmacht’ger Vater – Peter Seiffert
15. The Lord’s Prayer – Mario Lanza

(I suppose the double-Ave-Maria in the middle is a typo, even if McCormack surely deserves a double feature. )

John McCormack being adorable

There must be more! This has to be made a series!

I guess what strikes me as funny is the mix-up of the singer and his role. None of the singers is caught privately, deeply absorbed in prayer.

Sequels could be, maybe:

  • 10 sopranos being a bitch
  • 10 lewd mezzosopranos
  • 10 evil bassos…

One I would instantly buy would be this one:

… and it would surely feature Alfredo Kraus in Lucia di Lammermoor.


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