Plus rien n’est triste, plus rien n’est grave si j’ai…

I have strange desires, wishes, and dreams, I admit it. (Other than “Peace for the world,” only speaking on my petty private scale now of course.)

They’re both outrageous and very modest at the same time. A perfect performance, involving perfect artists, for example:

Philippe Jaroussky — violin

Of course — no need to introduce him.

Jason Isaacs — guitar

The man has hidden talents as well, apart from the obvious ones he is gifted with.

Alan Rickman — violoncello

(I doubt it is him playing in the movie, called “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” even if I haven’t found any info about who plays instead. At any rate it is horrible out of synch what is actually played and what you hear, throughout the clips I found. )

One who can surely, and undoubtably play the piano, and sing, and is a brilliant performer, of course, is…

Jeff Goldblum — piano

The last person on my current list would be…

Louis Garrel

… singing, or at any rate breathing in his microphone in a sexy way together with Rickman.

Voilà, the band of my dreams 😉

I can perfectly picture the reaction of the artists it would evolve though, would they be proposed my suggestion. Something like:

--- gif by wolvic of tumblr

Well, whatever, it’s just ma imagination sale …


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