“Do you like surprises?  Write a story…true or fiction.  The first AND last sentence must contain the word ‘surprise,’ ‘surprised,’ or ‘surprising.'”


To add something personal first… I’m somehow wrapped up in what can be called “real life,” and more than a little bit frustrated about a lot of things over a longer period by now, so I beg your forgiveness for not being able to produce blog posts at my normal speed or quality recently. As I am the most merciless reader when it comes to my own stuff — even if that alone doesn’t make me a good critic — this primarily annoys myself.

More than just uninspired, I just clicked a random writer’s promt page, which yielded the nice promt I quoted above.

So, surprise… Yesterday a person who I will just call “my best friend” for now to make it simple was in for a big surprise.  A member of her family gifted her with a trip to Torroella, where Philippe Jaroussky was giving a concert. My lovely friend’s name is Biri, I will just state this because it is of relevance — at least, for me it is.

She is a fan of Philippe Jaroussky and Jason Isaacs — just like me — but she is a lot more than just that. She is one of the most lovely persons on earth. (I haven’t met all six billions of them in person, agreed, but enough to get an idea.) She is bright, kind, funny, witty, and never ceases to surprise me.  She is a brilliant writer. Oh, and we never met until now. However, we filled literally thousands of pages by now with jointly written stories.

My boyfriend is kind enough to say if she’d come to visit he would move out for two weeks so we could stay in bed in pyjamas undisturbed by his presence. (Very kind, dear Sir — I’d expect no less.)

Apart from close family there are only two persons which I would hand over my life to or commit suicide for if they’d need a heart transplant so that they could live on; she’s one of them. If anyone could still use my middle-aged heart, that is — broken and mended a couple of times already, damaged by too many cigarettes and wrecked by unrelieved sexual tension or music withdrawal over longish periods of my life.

I wished, hoped and prayed for her getting the chance to meet PJ after the performance, but alas, in vano.  Yes, I actually prayed, feeling quite ridiculous. Even if God should exist, you shouldn’t encourage him by actually believing etc,… I hold it with Terry Pratchett there.

Now I really do hope that all will work out, that she will be able to see PJ in December in Barcelona, and will manage to actually meet him.  She knows PJ is about perfect — but he doesn’t know what a perfect being Biri is, so it’s him who’ll be in for the greater surprise.

Ah se in ciel benigne stelle
Concert Aria, K538

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Libretto by Pietro Metastasio

Ah se in ciel benigne stelle,
La pietà non è smarrita,
O toglietemi la vita,
O lasciatemi il mio ben.
Voi, che ardete ognor si belle
Del mio ben nel dolce aspetto,
Proteggete il puro affetto
Che ispirate a questo sen.

Ah, if pity has not vanished
From heaven, kindly stars
Either take my life
Or leave me my lover!
You who always shine in beauty
In my lover’s sweet face
Protect the pure affection
You inspire in my breast


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