Don Giovanni – A Game Of Shadows

I just saw Sherlock Holmes, A Game Of Shadows, and — of course — enjoyed it a lot.

Towards the last third of the movie, there is a plot point settled around a performance of Don Giovanni. The vengeance trio was picked, and the final aria of the commendatore, where he passes judgement on the lewd lifestyle of Don Giovanni, condemning him to hell.

Don Giovanni…..Simon Keenlyside
Leporello……..Kyle Ketelsen
Il Commendatore..Eric Halfvarson
Conductor……..Charles Mackerras

Just btw and totally off topic — the fact that Keenlyside and Halfvarson both played in “Billy Budd” makes me smile, almost as much as the fact that I cannot get Stephen Fry and Jude Law in “Oscar Wilde” out of my head. It somehow overshadowed my Sherlock Holmes experience, I have to admit — but this is just a sidenote.

I just rewatched it, and… I cannot stop imagining Sherlock Holmes derping in there.

Alright — back to Sherlock Holmes, er, Don Giovanni — Jude Law can be highly distracting!

The episode set to the music of Don Giovanni — I would have made it longer, maybe. However, I’m not a successful director or playwright, and most probably for a reason.

But… but…  Just think about it:

Sherlock Holmes as Don Giovanni, obviously. (Preference for shirtlessness outweighs consideration for the Fach here.)

Watson as Leporello? Wouldn’t that be lovely? Alright, a Don Giovanni hitting on Leporello may not be a classic approach to the opera, but at least the latter would have something noteworthy to add to his list.

Irene Adler is supposed to be a prima donna already, according to the books, so she is Donna Anna, of course. (By the time of the movie the Don Giovanni episode is spliced in, she has been killed already, but let’s neglect this for now.)

Donna Elvira? La zingara, obviously. She has the right temper.

Don Ottavio? Mycroft, of course — the perfect gentleman.

The Commendatore? Moriarty. He passes judgement on others, all the time, so this feels about right.

Now, where to put Watson’s spouse ? I’m afraid, Zerlina it is.

Who’s going to be Masetto? I have no idea.

A Game Of Shadows. My recommendation: Do watch!

Don Giovanni: If you honestly don’t know it: Go to your opera house of choice, or just enjoy it on youtube.


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