Debugging my mind

Just in case anyone’s tempted to try: The plugin Onswipe won’t really work for me if WP Touch is enabled as well. A pity. You might not instantly see the implications, but to cut it short, this realization took two hours — I am a slow debugger.

It’s a little like practising an instrument. People only very abstractly notice the time put into the preparation of a performance. Flaws you don’t see or hear because they are not there anymore go unnoticed, of course. Alright, there the metaphor gets a little off, as I don’t want to compare a traumatically cracking *All’aaaaaaaarmiiiiiii!” with a “fatal error” message on the main page in big black letters for all to see.

Yesterday I enjoyed what others call “real life,” so I went out with a friend for a coffee. Some pictures were taken, and I just realized —  I am mutating into a creature of the night. I look like something the Wincest… er, Winchester brothers come to kill, or at least, aim to send back to purgatory.

I’m concerned now that the ongoing lack of sleep seriously has an effect on me. Up to now, I haven’t evolved fangs, neither do I sparkle, so that comforts me. I guess Tom Cr*uise as a vampire spoilt the romanticism of that species forever for me. Almost as bad as what Mel G*bson did in The Patriot. Unforgivable. But I digress.

From unsexy Mel G*bson to sexy Jason Isaacs, to sexy men in total, straight to PJ: Sometimes I really wondered why I set my mind to it in the first place to make a fan page and a forum myself. A part of it is surely that somewhere deep down I crave recognition, like every fangirl would. Yet, it isn’t all, and while I try out a dozen different plugins that promise to render the page decently on an iPhone, I honestly am not in a fangirl mood. I have created other web-pages for free for some friends of mine, some back in the grey times of html source code already. (*Let’s start, …. *cracking knuckles.* index.html ….  .css …. ) It’s not that I’m particularly great in it, but somehow I mostly manage to achieve what I have in mind. (Or what the non-paying customer has in mind.) Of course, this particular project I want to be as good as it can get with the means at my disposal, so I’m willing to put some more effort even than usual into it.

Anyhow, I’m really pleased in total how it is turning out, even if I wanted to have done far more already. But this needs time, actually time spent listening to music, reading music, and time in silence, preferrably spent alone.

However, time seems to be the one thing I keep lacking, even for the most basic things. I even hurry up brushing my teeth or taking a shower to be able to do something sensible even sooner again. Very reluctantly, I sleep from time to time, or rather, fall into a sort of koma. On Saturday my daughter abused me as a landscape before Camelot, and only when the knights (playmobile) were turning my belly into a battlefield, I woke up — which was integrated into the plot as an earthquake.

So, maybe some time soon I’ll start some serious shameless PJ-promotion, but I don’t feel ready to put up with bored YouTube flamers just yet. I need to dream, write, and create first. Oh, and work, in five hours. Which brings me again to the issue: Sleep.

G.F. Handel, Semele

Semele’s Aria

O Sleep, why dost thou leave me?
Why thy visionary Joys remove?
O Sleep again deceive me,
To my Arms restore my wand’ring Love

McCormack makes a lovely Semele, doesn’t he? And, just btw and totally off topic: Someone referred to the great opera singer which is not called “Kirsten Flagstaff” in the comments. Which reminds me of:

Well, good night 😉

Route 66

Bobby Troup

Well if you ever plan to motor west
just take my way that’s the highway that’s the best
get your kicks on Route 66

Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
more than two thousand miles all the way
get your kicks on Route 66

Well goes from St. Louis down to Missouri
Oklahoma city looks oh so pretty
you’ll see Amarillo and Gallup New Mexico
Flagstaff Arizona don’t forget Wynona
Kingman Barstow San Bernadino

Would you get hip to this kindly tip
and go take that California trip
get your kicks on Route 66

Well goes from St. Louis down to Missouri
Oklahoma city looks oh so pretty
you’ll see Amarillo and Gallup New Mexico
Flagstaff Arizona don’t forget Wynona
Kingman Barstow San Bernadino

Will you get hip of this kindly tip
and go take that California trip
and get your kicks on Route 66
well get your kicks on Route 66
yea get your kicks on Route 66


4 thoughts on “Debugging my mind

  1. Oh the McCormack is magnificent, Handel, Bach and my newly discovered keyboard favorite … Zipoli …. transport me to another world. And this haunting voice. Why can’t sopranos sound like this? Maniaci is a male soprano … and his voice still has a distinctive depth. I want to be a tenor. Badly.

    A great link …. if you can overlook the horrible bald “wig” and pyjamas … his voice is spectacular. A modern Farinelli .

  2. Thanks for your comment! Funnily, I just found Mancini a few days ago – he was featured on a cast sheet for Giulio Cesare. I can overlook bald wigs and pyjamans very well 😀

    I like his voice; he is really nice, even if he doesn’t move me so much. I have to listen to more of him nonetheless. Didn’t he sing Mozart’s “Exultate, Jubilate” as well? If I don’t mix him up now, he was the one who talked in an interview about how his voice just seems to settle higher than a tenor’s for instance – I am not convinced yet he doesn’t just make a show. He’s a countertenor, so, of course for singing, his voice feels very comfortable in the tessitura he sings in – no big deal, whether he wants to make it sound a little like a miracle 😉

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