Plot Twist: Writer’s Block

Oh, I can write, if it is for money. However, even if people would pay me for it, I couldn’t think of a decent plot for a short story right now. I do want to write. I really do. Not the on-demand stuff I have to – I really have an urge to write.

For actual inspiration though, it doesn’t help me one bit. My own life is no real resource there, as luckily I am in not entangled in anything traumatic, complex, or dramatic that would be worth even a short story.

Fun-on-demands I have to fulfil yet, for free of course, are:

  • Moriarty/Holmes. Kink request: They have to dance to “I’m sexy and I know it”; furthermore, Moriarty has to wear pink speedos as a plot-sustaining element. (A concrete floor and sequins on the speedos are optional.)
  • Don Giovanni/Leporello. Any setting, any flavour.

If anyone is inspired by those prompts – I am sure my friends don’t mind getting more than one story.

Neither of those prompts, however, greatly help me in finding a good twist for a short story. As a last resort I tried opera. Plot twist: Lover gets crushed by a rock. End. Damn …

Now I’m feeling worse than be fore – but thanks to Jaroussky, in a good way.


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