PHP is not sexy

Remember the “Unix is sexy” t-shirt?


Legend – a friend of mine had it. However, of course it has a double meaning, because Unix is somehow … concise? It has a certain charm, I have to admit.

And then, there’s PHP. Maybe it’s just my lack of programming skills that cause me to fail to see the charm in it – if there is any. (Whenever I have to edit the “functions.php,” e.g., I get a minor crisis.)

I just googled “PHP is sexy,” just to see if there was something similar to the Unix-shirt – and I got this:

not sexy

I can confirm this.



One thought on “PHP is not sexy

  1. That is not properly PHP at his best use (it use some tags inside, or some strange/weird form of publishing commands) but UNIX is sexy, can confirm 😉

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