Books are sexy

I feel I toyed enough with the trigger to the apocalypse already over at a Facebook page I manage, so I will post this here: We were balancing along the topic of sex toys, having found an article that indicated they could be used for relaxing singers’ vocal cords – and now I found this. (In my experience: For every shit you either tried yourself or thought about doing, you can bet someone on the internet has already done it.)

May I introduce you to the lovely series “Vibrator readings.” Okay, I would be lying if I wouldn’t  agree to have enjoyed watching a considerably sexy, fully dressed lady getting off, but particularly interesting I find the parts when the brain activity shifts and her speech gets slurry, quite at the beginning.

(TMI-part: It is very interesting to try. At a certain point it is just not possible to manage speech, no matter how hard you try. Okay, this goes for me.)

Just by the way: Happy St. Geordie’s day to the Spanish!

If you want to follow the creator of this great series, Clayton Cubitt, here is his Tumblr. Also be sure to read the page, and the about page to get a picture of the artist who set up the project.
Their Youtube Channel can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Books are sexy

  1. Oh, glad you liked it! In fact, later on – after I posted – I realized that there was a heated discussion on the topic on the web. In fact, the videos seem to have kicked loose a vivid argument whether this is p*rn, or art. Mainly, I saw it as fun, I have to say, but then, I’m a rather simple minded creature, after all 😉

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