Artaserse isn’t La Cage aux Folles. At all.

By now, I think every review about Artaserse and the performance in Nancy has been published, and to my knowledge, there wasn’t a single reviewer who really picked on one specific aspect of the production. This either means that what I am about to write is hilariously far-fetched, or others shared my own concerns: I wanted to write this for a long while already, and postponed it out of cowardice, I have to admit. I just didn’t feel prepared for the shit-storm I am most probably about to create. However, here are my two cents.

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The Bechdel Test, Baiting, Or Why I Hate “Sex and the City”

Firstly, let me say how proud I am, and a little intimidated as well by Lydia’s great interview of Margarethe von Trotta. (Proud for the sole reason that I feel deeply satisfied when good people get an opportunity. It fills me with hope, for mankind, and I want to explicitely include females here in the horribly sexist term.)

In the interview that you have to read – so I will link it a second timeLydia mentions the Bechdel Test, a term I wasn’t familiar with up to now. I may quote:

To pass, a film has to have at least two women, these two need to have some sort of conversation at some point, and that conversation needs to be about something other than a man. Most films fail.


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