“Mai Ling, hol amal die Zigaretten …” or why Gerhard Polt is always relevant

I feel a real urge to link a video today. It is a sketch done by Gerhard Polt, a German comedian and actor, and I remember it from my earliest childhood. Whenever it was broadcast or aired on radio, it used to be an institution.  Phrases from it have become “geflügelte Worte” — standard phrases to highlight ignorance, hypocrisy and supremacy.

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Silence gives consent

I just stumbled over an interesting read on coffeeandoperatics.tumblr.com, [x], concerning this year’s season opening of the MET and the stir it caused — and it got me thinking. As frequently my replies get longer than I originally planned, I will post it here, and link back. This will only be published a week from now, as my blog is offline right at the moment, also for reasons to do with Russia, and its anti-human legislation.

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