The curtain closed, the plot unended

A few days have passed since events around Tamar Iveri, a Georgian opera singer, have escalated. I followed the matter with interest; in parts because I like a good show as much as anyone, but mainly because of the dynamics it revealed. It made people speak out who usually keep silent. At first glance, the event has shown a huge support for LGBTQ rights, nonetheless, I’m hesitant to shout “Victory!” My issue is not Mrs. Iveri, an opera singer I didn’t know before the events came to my attention; my problem are the people whose mind she speaks. I think they are far from being a dwindling minority. 

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These are a few of my favourite … books.

There were a few books in my life that I found life-changing, that gave me the feeling of having found a love I never knew I had been looking for, that I couldn’t un-read, that made me change my view of the world forever. For now, I’ll only span the bracket until about 16 years of age, otherwise the list would be very long.

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