Beats, Rhymes and Life – A-F-R-O And R. A. The Rugged Man

Do you know “Definition Of A Rap Flow” by R. A. The Rugged Man? If not, here’s your chance to catch up. If you are feeling brave and even want to read the lyrics along, here they are: [x]

A few days past, I found out there was a “My Definition …” contest on Youtube, and it made me end up spending a whole night listening to the different entries.  Many are good, some even great, … and then along comes A-F-R-O:

He just discards all but the refrain and does his own thing, like many others, but how! His roots are most definitely at the guys from Lyricist Lounge, A Tribe Called, Mos Def, etc.. , not always producing for biggest sales numbers, but maybe because of that, immortal. Maybe what unites them can be summed up as “We all got the same beat but I’m just going to do my own thing.” (Just as a side-note: I love that there’s a Moz’def in WoW; I make sure to salute every time I walk by.) Now here’s A-F-R-O, together with R. A. Rugged Man, with a great from the top of his head freestyle.

I can’t get over how happy Rugged Man seems next to him. There are really two kinds of people, those who are forever jealous and feel threatened by another’s skill and success, and those who are authentically happy if  they encounter others of the same skill level and above. It’s actually the first time in recent years that I saw anyone just as excited as Spinosi seems when he listens to the last take of Jaroussky singing. I want this back okay A-F-R-O is definitely one we’ll here more about in the years to come. (At least I hope so; call me a hopeless optimist.) Keep the Kanyes – I take the A-F-R-O’s and the Rugged Men, every time.


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