Phrenology 0.o

Excerpt from the ridiculous book

“How to read character : hand-book of physiology, phrenology and physiognomy, illustrated with a descriptive chart”


Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it. i

LOCATION. The organ of Amativeness occupies the cerebellum, situated in the base of the back-head, as shown at 1, figure 23. To find it, feel on the middle line toward the base of the skull, at the back part of the head, and you will discover a small bony projection called the occipital process. Below this point, and between two similar protuberances (the mastoid processes) behind the bottom of the ears, lies the organ in question. Its size is indicated by the extension of the occipital swellings back’ ward and inward of the mastoid processes, and downward from the occipital process. Observe the striking contrast * Aaron Burr, third Vice-President of the United States, was noted for his debauchery in private life, as well as for his unscrupulous conduct as a statesman.

t George Bancroft, American historian, is best known for his ” History of the United Stales,” (he most complete and elaborate work of the kind yet produced. He was never married. Observe how short and narrow the head back and below the ears, in the organ of Amativenes*. See also Rev. Dr. Pusey, fig. 97.


between figs. 24 and 25 in respect to this region ; how full the head behind the ears in the one case, and how small in the other! The characters of the two men correspond with their developments. When it is large, the neck at those parts
between the ears is thick, and it gives a round expansion to the nape of the neck, as shown in fig. 26. Fig. 27 shows it small.


A large cerebellum and a full neck are usually accompanied by a prominent
if not massive chin, indicative of the strength of circulation, vital stamina, and ardor of passion we expect to find in persons thus characterized.
FIG. 26.-LARG*. Another sign of Amativeness is the breadth and fullness of the lips.
Their redness indicates present activity of the organ. The absence of color indicates inactivity.


The action of Love on the chin, constituting what may be called its natural language, consists in throwing it forward or sidewise, the former movement being the more natural to woman and the latter to man. These movements of the chin are accompanied by a slight parting and considerable humidity of the lip.


The function or use of Amativeness is to manifest sexual feeling, and give the desire to love and be loved, and to marry.

There is no phrenological organ of more importance, or which has a greater influence upon human character and human destiny, or the bearings and relations of which are more extensive. It increases greatly in size and becomes
active at the age of puberty. In males, it nearly doubles in size between the ages of ten and twenty, and the feelings and emotions dependent upon it undergo a corresponding change.

The gentler sex, which before were viewed with comparative indifference, now seem invested with every charm. Their


Forms seem the perfection of grace, their faces all but divine, their voices enchanting, and their smiles bewitching beyond expression. The fair ones, at the same period, are conscious of similar feelings, and both sexes discover their greatest bliss in each other’s society.

Dr. Spurzheim, speaking of this propensity, says : ” Its influence in society is immense. It may excite various feelings, such as Combativeness, Adhesiveness, and Destructiveness, inspire timid persons with great moral courage, and atother times and under different circumstances mitigates oar nature, and increases the mutual regards of the sexes toward each other.”


The abuse and disorderly gratification of this propensity is fraught with innumerable evils, physical, intellectual, and moral, destroying the health of the body and debasing the tone of the mind ; and so great is the influence of the amative propensity, that only the full development and proper activity of the higher intellectual faculties and moral sentiments are sufficient to hold it in subjection and make it truly subservient to the great end for  which it was created.


Where this organ is small, its size and activity may be increased, like those of any other organ or part of the body, by judicious exercise ; and this exercise
consists in a manifestation of the feeling of love for the opposite sex, which should be encouraged and promoted by social intercourse and the contemplation of the advantages and pleasures of the conjugal union. Any one desiring to cultivate Amativeness, then, should go into society as much as
convenient, make it a point to be as agreeable as possible to those persons of the other sex with whom he or she may be brought into contact, trying to appreciate their excellences and to admire their personal charms. A well-developed man
or woman one in whom all the elements of masculine or feminine organization and character are present in due proportion will exert a strong influence upon the love feeling of the other sex and help largely to awaken and develop the
organ of Amativeness. Such persons should be sought, and a warm intimacy established with them. Marriage, when founded on constitutional fitness and true affection, awakens and develops this organ greatly in those in whom it is
deficient or inactive.


The excesses and abuses to which this pro pensity often leads are by no means always referable to the excessive development of the organ in the brain. The true cause is often perhaps in a majority of cases a pathological
one gastric irritation and an inflamed state of Jie blood. A too stimulating diet ; liquors, wines, tea, coffee, and tobacco and the excitements of the feverish sensational life of our fast age are the principal causes of this unhealthy condition.
The first step, then, is to remove these causes. Abandon the stimulants, withdraw from the sphere of social excitements, and cultivate the society of people who are living a quieter and more sober, earnest,’ and natural, but not less happy, life.
Bathing and exercise in the open air, with a rather spare and cooling diet, will greatly aid in restoring the system to a healthy tone. Beyond these hygienic measures, the only means to be relied upon are the restraining influences of the
aspiring and governing intellectual faculties and the moral sentiments. These must be cultivated, and their controlling influence brought to bear upon the unruly propensity. Make good use of the means God has placed within your reach for the government of your passions, asking Him to aid you, and
you will not struggle in vain.


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