Cake for breakfast?

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A friend of mine linked this wonderful, delicious article by the Daily Telegraph this morning, titled “Chocolate cake breakfast could help you lose weight” [x]

It gives hope, doesn’t it? However, I think there’s more to it. I guess I am just incapable of reading something without questioning the essence of it, and I just have too much fun in delving into the meta-layer of it all, putting myself questions like, “Who wrote this; what’s their purpose, apart from gaining readership? Why can they be sure it will get read? Who has a benefit? Why would anyone read it, and why did I just read it?”

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Groucho Marx and American Apparel

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Recently – about a year ago – there was a medium media hype around a guy who re-created American Apparel photo shoots – of females. [x]

american apparel

Is this pose sexy for a man? I will exclude this topic for now, because it’s an emotional and highly individual one. Yet what can generally be said is that the pose is objectifying and severely distracting from the shirt American Apparel wants to sell.

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The curtain closed, the plot unended

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A few days have passed since events around Tamar Iveri, a Georgian opera singer, have escalated. I followed the matter with interest; in parts because I like a good show as much as anyone, but mainly because of the dynamics it revealed. It made people speak out who usually keep silent. At first glance, the event has shown a huge support for LGBTQ rights, nonetheless, I’m hesitant to shout “Victory!” My issue is not Mrs. Iveri, an opera singer I didn’t know before the events came to my attention; my problem are the people whose mind she speaks. I think they are far from being a dwindling minority. 

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